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Strawberry Cages, Complete with Netting, Pegs & Clips (700mm/2ft 3in High)

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Strawberry cages with or without bird netting. The cages will protect your strawberries from birds. Huge selection of different sized cage kits.If you purchase a strawberry cage kit with netting, it will come complete with pegs for securing the netting to the soil and C clips for holding the netting to the aluminium poles.

We do not have large spans between legs, the maximum span between legs is 1.98m ensuring the cages do not bow. The covers are not fitted, making them easy to lift for working the beds.

All these cages are 700mm (approx 2ft 3in) high once erected.

Please note: snow is very heavy, if it is forecast remove the netting.

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All the cages come with instructions, diagrams and a list of contents.

The 16mm uprights (legs) are pushed into the soil for stability.

The legs are 900mm in length and need to be pushed into the ground rougly 200mm which will give you a 700mm erected height on your cage.

The connectors, either build a balls or joiners are used to connect the 13mm crossbars, these then connect to the legs.

The netting is laid over the cage and pegged down. It is not fitted as this would make it difficult on the larger cages to take off the netting with just one person.

The cages can be covered with fleece over winter but would need extra pegs due to wind resistance.

The cages can be dismantled and stored easily when not in use.