Garden Netting, Garden Fleece, Nematodes, Garden Hoops and Fruit and Vegetable Cages Organic Pest Control

We supply garden netting for gardeners to protect their fruit and vegetables from birds and insects. We also have a large range of fruit and vegetable cages and garden hoops for the netting which come complete with pegs and clips. We have walk in and low cages to suit all fruit and vegetable growing. To protect your plants in the winter we have a range of garden fleece and fleece products.

Nematodes for Slugs, Leatherjackets, Chafer Grubs and Vine Weevils

We are one of the largest UK distributors for nematodes, we sell the whole range of nemasys plus Gardening Naturally own brand nematodes. The nematodes will protect against slugs, vine weevil, leatherjackets, ants, chafer grub plus the mixture for fruit and vegetable growers.

Bird Netting, Insect Mesh Netting and Butterfly Netting

Our comprehensive range includes a choice of 12 different types of netting to stop almost any garden pest destroying your crops. We specialise in bird netting, cabbage white butterfly netting, veggiemesh insect mesh netting and windbreak and shade netting to name but a few. View all garden netting. We supply garden hoops and fruit and vegetable cages for the netting if required. To stop other pests, we can supply traps and barriers - all organic or natural, of course!

Natural Garden Pest Control, Fertilisers and Feed

Once you have stopped the pests from eating your crops remember to feed and nourish them with one of our fertilisers and feeds and to finish off we sell potato sacks and vegetable nets to store your bumper crops. Free Delivery when just ordering nematodes.

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