Veggiemesh FAQ

If I buy by the running metre how will it arrive?

Buying by the running metre allows you to purchase the exact length required. If you order 'by the metre' it will come in one length folded, not beautifully, but folded.It does work out cheaper to buy our veggiemesh pack sizes.

Why are the pack sizes cheaper than per metre?

The packs are hemmed on all 4 sides and are machine cut to the exact width and length. When you buy "per metre" we have to physically measure and cut the correct size which involves a higher cost.

Is Veggiemesh available in green?

No. Green Veggiemesh would reduce light penetration resulting in a loss of yield and/or quality on certain crops especially when covering crops in Spring and Autumn. Veggiemesh light passage = 90%

Why not make the mesh size smaller to stop all insects?

We do offer an ultra fine veggiemesh which offers full protection from certain pests, especially flea beetle. 

What is Veggiemesh made from

Veggiemesh is made from u.v. stabilised polyethylene

When do I cover crops with Veggiemesh

Crops should be covered immediately after sowing or planting. If transplants are used these must be free of pests before covering.

I still have problems with Carrot Fly, why?

Certain soil pests including Carrot Fly can survive in the soil between crops. Covered carrots should therefore only be grown in rotation with non-umbelliferous crops

Which pests are excluded by Veggiemesh?

Carrot Fly, Cabbage Root Fly, Caterpillars, Aphids, Leaf Minors. Only partial control of Flea Beetle and Thrips is achieved. This may be adequate with low to moderate infestations, but additional methods may be needed if populations are high.

What happens when I remove Veggiemesh to weed?

This is best carried out during cool windy conditions

Do I need to remove for watering and feeding?

Watering and feeding can be applied with Veggiemesh in place.

What is the mesh size of Veggiemesh?

The mesh size is 1.35mm

What is the light and air passage of Veggiemesh?

Light passage = 90% and air passage = 95%

How heavy is Veggiemesh?

The weight is approx. 55gms/sq.m.

Is Veggiemesh easy to cut?

Yes Veggiemesh can be cut with scissors