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Strawberry Feed

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This natural strawberry feed is a crop derived concentrated liquid feed. The feed is the perfect solution for increasing yields of strawberries and improving plant and soil condition naturally. Also helps make them less susceptible to pest and disease damage promoting strong and healthy growth.

1-litre of tomato feed will make 25 litres

2.5 litres of tomato feedl  will make 62.5 litres

5 litres of tomato feed will make 125 litres

The strawberry feed contains: Nitrogen N 0.6%, Phosphorus P 0.1%, Potassium K 0.6%, Magnesium Mg 0.07%, Sulphur S 0.1%.

Please note: this product has a strong smell but don’t worry, it is made using a renewable energy process whereby rye, oats, maize and grass are fed into digesters (concrete tanks) and through a process similar to a cow’s stomach, gas is created which has a strong smell but is a highly effective plants feed.

Shake the bottle before opening. Mix 40ml per 1L of water. If the Strawberries are being grown outside apply 4 litres of diluted feed per plant every 7-14 days. Increase this to every 7 days once the plant has strawberries. When applying to strawberries grown under cover apply 2 litres of diluted feed per plant every 7 days.

When the plants are in pots or growbags apply 1 litre of diluted feed every week to each bag/pot and gradually increase this to 4 litres per week once the plants have fruit. If these strawberry plants are under cover, increase the application to twice a week once the plants have fruit.

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