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Fruit Cages and Vegetable Cages 700mm High

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Huge selection of different sized Fruit and Vegetable cage kits which include everything you need to protect your garden. You can even choose which netting you would like.

We have a variety of different netting types to offer you the protection you need.

Unlike other companies we do not have large spans between legs, the maximum span between legs is 1.98m (6ft 4in) ensuring the cages do not bow.

The covers are not fitted, making them easy to lift for working the beds.

All cage kits include, poles, joiners/buildaballs, netting, clips and steel pegs. If ordering with no cover then you will just recieve poles and joiners/buildaballs.

Please note: snow is very heavy, if it is forecast remove the netting.

Cage Enquiry

All the cages come with instructions, diagrams and a list of contents.

The 16mm uprights (legs) are pushed into the soil for stability.

The legs are 900mm in length and need to be pushed into the ground roughly 200mm which will give you a 700mm erected height on your cage.

The connectors, either build a balls or joiners are used to connect the 13mm crossbars, these then connect to the legs.

The netting is laid over the cage and pegged down. It is not fitted as this would make it difficult on the larger cages to take off the netting with just one person.

The cages can be covered with fleece over winter but would need extra pegs due to wind resistance.

The cages can be dismantled and stored easily when not in use.

Connector Type

Joiners - These are small plastic joiners which slot perfectly into the aluminium tubes. We have corners, tee's and crosses. Each joiner has one slightly larger fitting which is for the 16mm upright. 

Buildaballs - These are green rubber balls which have one 16mm hole for the upright and five 13mm holes which are used for the length and cross bars. 

Cover Type

Bird Netting - Made from high tensile strength, UV stabilised, doublestitch HDPE, our bird netting is soft to the touch and will last for many years. Perfect for keeping birds, cats, squirrels, foxs and many other garden pests off your fruit and veg.

Veggiemesh Insect Netting - Mesh size:1.35mm. Light passage = 90% and air passage = 95%. The weight is approx. 55gms/sq.m. Yarn Thickness is 0.24mm. Veggiemesh is made from U.V. stabilised polyethylene. Veggiemesh® will keep out a wide range of garden pests including cabbage root fly, carrot fly, cabbage white butterfly, pea moth, leek moth, cutworm, onion fly, leaf miners and many species of aphids.

Butterfly Protection Netting - A black plastic 7mm x 7mm mesh which will keep the cabbage white butterflies from laying eggs and destroying your crops whilst, keeping birds and other small pests at bay. 

Soft Butterfly Netting - A soft black mesh which has a mesh size of 7mm x 5mm. Made from HDPE. Our soft butterfly netting mesh prevents cabbage white butterflies and birds ruining your vegetables.

If ordering with a cover the cage comes complete with clips and pegs for securing the fabric

13mm Tubing(Crossbars)

The exact external diameter is 12.7mm.

The internal diameter is 10.9mm. The wall thickness is 0.9mm.

16mm Tubing(Uprights)

The exact external diameter is 15.9mm.

The internal diameter is 14.5mm. The wall thickness is 0.7mm.

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