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16mm Aluminium Tubes (Uprights)

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Build your own vegetable cages with aluminium tubing. Our 16mm poles are perfect for the uprights(legs) or a cage however you will need to purchase our 13mm poles for the crossbars and length bars. You will also require joiners or buildaballs.

If you need an exact size for a raised bed and the pole sizes do not suit, go slightly larger then just cut the poles, this is very easy to do.

The 16mm poles are pushed directly into the soil so you will loose some height depending on which tube you choose. Please see guide below:

600mm Tube - Push into the soil 100mm to give you a 500m erected height

900mm Tube - Push into the soil 200mm to give you a 700m erected height

1.2m Tube - Push into the soil 300mm to give you a 900mm erected height

1.5m Tube - Push into the soil 300mm to give you a 1.2m erected height

To join the poles together you will either need joiners or build a balls. Both do the same job, the joiners are cheaper and they are also easier to use.  

You can use our extension poles to increase the length of a pole however we don't advise going any higher than 1.5m above the ground due to stability issues.

Follow the links below to get joiners and balls

Corners (you will always need 4) 



Build a ball

Not normally necessary but if you have very lose soil you may need to add anchors for extra stability, these can be used on all legs or just the 4 corners

The exact external diameter 15.9mm.

The internal diameter is 14.5mm. The wall thickness is 0.7mm.

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