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Portable Square Aluminium Cloche Tunnel Kit - PDS

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Our square portable domed cages offer the perfect solution for providing fruit and vegetable crops with all year round protection. 

Simple and easy to move from bed to bed. For winter protection, just cover with any fleece to bring on plants and then cover with any of our nettings to keep the birds and insects out. Easy to move.

Available in 6 different lengths.

All of our square portable cages are 0.92m (3') high x 1.2m (3' 11") wide. Just select the length and cover type that you require.

Choose from a range of different covers or select "no netting" if you just require the frame.

If ordering with netting the frames come complete with support bars, U pins and clips for securing the netting. If ordering with fleece or polythene (soft cover) you will receive crop cover clips and steel pegs for securing the fabric around the base because the normal clips will damage the fabric when used on the hoops. If ordering without netting then you will just recieve the aluminium frame and joiners.

If these sizes are not suitable you can create your own using our hoops and accessories.

Should you want to create your own cover the minimum fabric/fleece width required to cover the hoop is 2.8m (9' 2").

When working out the cover size please allow for the height of the hoops - calculate: 

2 x height + length of the tunnel.

Made from our 19mm aluminium tubing.

All size cages have 1.2m width bars:

The 1.2m cage is made up of one section with 1.2m length bars.

The 2.4m cage is made up of two sections with 1.2m length bars.

The 3m cage is made up of two sections with 1.5m length bars.

The 3.6m cage is made up of three sections with 1.2m length bars.

The 4.5m cage is made up of three sections with 1.5m length bars.

The 6m cage is made up of four sections with 1.5m length bars.

Each cage has four corner joiners and the cages which have two or more sections are connected with our 19mm flat tee joiners.

They also include tube connectors for the top supporting bars. These supporting bars are the same size as the length bars so will either be 1.2m or 1.5m.

All these frames use our 19mm small round aluminium hoops.


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