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High Top Aluminium Garden Hoops

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Use these 19mm aluminium high top hoops on the allotment, garden or raised beds. The garden hoops are perfect for creating tunnels with netting to protect your plants whilst giving plenty of growing height. 

Simply push the hoop into the ground and cover with any garden netting or fleece to increase yields and protect your crops throughout the year. 

Our High Top Hoops are available in two sizes with the option of adding extra height, making the hoops extremely versatile.

For added height, please refer to our hoop extension packs which have one swaged end so you can slot it into the end of the hoops to create legs. If extra stability is required (usually in more exposed areas) our cloche support bars and anchors can be purchased separately.

The hoops are supplied with clips for securing fabric.


Actual Hoop Size: Small Hoop: H:78cm (2' 6") x W:80cm (2' 5") 

Erected Hoop Size: Small Hoop: H 66cm x W 80cm.

Large Hoop: H:102cm (3' 5") x W:110cm (3' 6")

Erected Hoop Size: Large Hoop: H 87cm x W 110cm.

We recommend that the hoops are pushed in the ground 12-15cm

Minimum fabric width to cover:

Small hoops is 1.8m (6').

Large hoops is 2.6m (8' 6")

When working out the length of the netting you need, please allow for the height of the hoops - calculate: 2 x erected height + length of tunnel.

Supplied with clips