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Green Bird Netting for Fruit and Vegetables

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Green Bird Netting

Green Anti Bird Netting

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The green bird netting will protect your crops from birds. The netting is suitable for all gardens, it will protect both fruit and vegetables. The garden net is durable and tangle free, it stops birds but lets in the bees for pollination.

What is the difference between black anti bird netting and green anti bird netting?

The green anti bird netting is very similar to the black anti bird netting, however, it has a slightly smaller sized mesh hole. The black anti bird netting has a 20 x 20mm mesh hole, whereas the green anti bird netting has a 19 x 19mm mesh hole both nettings allow bees in to pollinate.

What size mesh hole does anti bird netting have?

The 19mm x 19mm holes will stop the birds without harming them. Heavy duty and robust but light enough to be laid directly over your crops. It’s also ideal anti bird netting for hoops and cages.

Can bees get through the netting to pollinate?

Yes, the hole size is large enough to let the bees in for pollination so there is no need to remove it during flowering.

How can I use the bird netting?

The bird netting can be laid directly over the crops, always leave enough slack for the crops to grow. It can be also laid over hoops or garden cages.

Do the birds get harmed?

Birds do not get tangled up in the netting

How to use green anti bird netting.

Drape green anti bird netting directly over fruit and vegetables. Make sure there is enough slack for crops to grow. Secure with pegs.

The netting can also be used over garden hoops and cages.

Anti bird netting will protect your crops from birds. Birds can quickly devour a whole crop of fruit or vegetables. This green anti bird netting is the perfect way to stop this from happening, whilst allowing bees to pollinate in your garden.

Anti bird netting is humane as it does not trap or poison birds, it just stops them from being able to reach the fruits and vegetables you have grown.

Does anti bird netting prevent pollination?

No, the green anti bird netting has a mesh size that is 19mm x 19mm, meaning there is plenty of space for bees and insects to get through.


This product is manufactured for Gardening Naturally to stop the birds eating your crops without harming the birds. They will not get tangled or trapped at any point.

Details: Mesh size - 19mm x 19mm

Approx weight - 35gr/m2
Made from UV stabilised polyethylene


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