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Hose End Tap, Go Anywhere DW420

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This hose end tap may be set up anywhere in the garden or allotment. Either screw to a suitable piece of timber to enable easy change of site, or screw to a wall, shed, fence post or any convenient vertical surface.

Use a length of hose to bring water from a fixed source and connect to the tool connector just below the tap with a quick connector.

Use as a normal tap. Can be used in conjunction with multiway manifolds to give even greater flexibility.

Also ideal for:

  • Extending hose range – use the tap to connect up to four additional hoses, via Y splitters or multiple manifolds.

  • Precision watering – filling buckets and watering cans; eliminate endless trips back to the house.

  • Drought management – watering cans use less water than hoses and sprinklers.

The Darlac Take Anywhere Tap has a ¾ BSP thread and is compatible with popular hose fittings, manifolds and timers

Solid brass – All fittings included