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Soaker Hose, Leaking Hose Pipe

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Soaker hose leaky hose pipe is a low pressure, porous hosepipe drastically reduces wastage of water by seeping small but constant amounts into the soil.

The kits deliver water to lawns, allotment beds, raised beds, kitchen garden plots and vegetable patches effortlessly, economically and effectively.

The hose can be connected to a water butt or attached to the main water supply to provide continuous garden watering. It can be used on either the surface or for lawns and totally undercover watering, the hose can be permanently buried under grass or soil.

Its versatility allows it to be used in all areas of the garden, including; shrubberies, annual flower beds, lawns, orchards and soft fruit, vegetables and the greenhouse border. Expect to water soil up to 50cm either side of the porous Soaker Hose pipe, which is best laid in loops to ensure even coverage.

The outer diameter of the tubing is 16mm and inner diameter is standard size at 13mm.

Accessories: The Soaker Hose Kit comes with a selection of fittings(50m doesn't include any fittings). Additional fittings are available. The hose is the same size as standard hose pipe.

Water Supply: Soaker Hose requires only a low water pressure to operate. It may be connected to either a water butt or a mains supply. If it is to be connected to a water butt, a suitable tap should be fitted to the butt (available as an accessory). The Hose will release water over its whole length; therefore a suitable length of normal hosepipe should be fitted between the water supply and where the water is required.

Note - to keep water in the butt fresh and the pipe free of Bacteria, treat the water with Citrox.

Water Pressure: If mains water is used as the source of supply, the tap should only be partially turned on, as very low pressure is needed. If the supply is from a water butt, the head of water should be at least 1.2 metres (4 feet above the level to be watered.

Water Release: Water seeps through the porous walls of the hose into the soil. The water will spread about 0.5 metres (20 inches) either side of the pipe dependant on soil-type. On cultivated ground the pipes should be laid about 1 metre apart, but in lawns they should be buried about 15-30 cm (6-12 inches) apart to reduce the risk of striping. The length of any single pipe run should not exceed 50 metres (160 feet), or the pressure may be insufficient to allow uniform water release along the length of the pipe.

Temporary Installation: For a temporary installation the Agralan Soaker Hose should be laid on the surface of the ground. This method is preferred where the ground is likely to be disturbed regularly (e.g. in vegetable plots, annual flower beds and greenhouse beds).

Permanent Installation: For permanent installation the hose should be buried 10-15cm (4-6 inches) beneath the soil surface. This method is preferred in areas of perennial plants where the ground is unlikely to be disturbed. (e.g. in shrubberies, orchards, lawns etc). In deep rooted crops, the pipe may be installed somewhat deeper, as long as it remains within the topsoil. Note: by applying water at a depth, the growth of annual weeds is not encouraged.

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