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Fruit or Vegetable 'A' Frame Garden Tunnels - Small

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The Gardening Naturally A-Frame is the perfect fruit & vegetable cage alternative. If you're looking for an adaptable width structure to protect your fruits, vegetables and flowers then the A-Frame is what you're looking for. 

The A shape is ideal for protecting 1 or 2 rows of fruit or vegetables. 

The garden frame width is also adaptable, meaning that for those of you with smaller fruit, vegetable or plant patches finally have a structure that can protect your crops. The A-Frame at its narrowest can go to 55cm and at its widest can go to 110cm. 

The garden netting tunnel uses 1.2 metre aluminium poles for the height. The height will be affected by the width you choose to make your frame and how far into the soil you push the poles. We recommend for this one you push the poles 20cms into the soil. 

The A-Frame is available in various lengths including 1.2 metres, 1.5 metres, 1.8 metres, 2 metres and 2.2 metres. If ordering a 2m or 2.2m length you will recieve 6 uprights rather than 4. 

Please see Specifications for product details and how to use for assembly instructions. 

Step 1: Place the large Y shaped joiners into four of the 1.2-meter poles.

Step 2: Mark out your desired width and push four of the 1.2-meter poles into the soil roughly 20cms. 

Step 3: Take the remaining pole (the length of this pole will depend on the size you have ordered) and connect it to each of the Y shaped joiners you have attached to your poles in the ground. If you are using the images for this product as a reference this is the pole running across the two A shapes. 

Step 4: If you have purchased garden netting, you can attach place this over the frame and secure it in place with the clips and pegs.

The Small A-Frame will come with:

- 1.2-meter long 19mm Aluminium Tubes x 4 (6 if ordering a 2m or 2.2m length)

- Variable length 19mm Aluminium Tube x 1

- Large Joiners x 4 (6 if ordering a 2m or 2.2m length)

If you order netting it will also come with:

- Your choice of garden netting

- Pipe Clips 

- Steel Pegs 

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