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Black Modular Rods for Creating Garden Hoops

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Garden hoop black PVC rods for creating garden hoop tunnels and other flexible structures. Create your own tunnels and cover with netting during the summer and horticultural fleece during the winter. 

The black PVC rods are 900mm (2ft 11in) in length. When two are combined with a hoop joiner, they make one complete garden hoop. 

Please Note: The black PVC rods require hoop joiners to connect two rods together. You will not be able to connect two rods together without the connectors.  

You are also able to create tunnels using these rods, the same rods can be used as support crossbars across the top and other plant support structures with the black PVC rods, these require either the Hoop Joiner Cross or Hoop Joiner Tees. 

Unlike our green garden hoops these do not come complete with anchors as these black PVC rods have multiple uses and may not be necessary.  

If you would like anchors, you can find them on our anchors for flexible hoops listing.  

Please see specifications for product sizes or how to use for assembly instructions.

Our black PVC rods connect by using either a straight hoop joiner, tee hoop joiner or cross hoop joiner.  Two rods plus one of the joiners will create a 1.8m length rod which can be bent to create 1 hoop for your tunnel. These will stand approx. 600mm high and the width can go as narrow as 75cm or 1.2m wide.  

The benefit of using the tee and cross joiners is it allows you to have a support bar along the top of your cloche by using one of the black PVC rods. 

If two black PVC rods are connected with a joiner, the finished hoop will be 1.8m in length and once bent, will stand approx. 600mm (2ft) high and 1.2m (4ft) wide. 

The complete hoops (made by connecting two black PVC rods together with a hoop joiner) can go as narrow as 75cm wide, and this will increase the height slightly. 

To work out how much netting you require, use our netting/fleece calculator by putting in the height, width and length of your tunnel. The minimum fabric width you need for these hoops is 1.8m wide.  

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Need help with your netting size?

Put the height of the cage, tunnel or vegetable plot (crop height for plots) then the width and the length, then just hit calculate.

Result (Width and Length) : 13m X 12m