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Chafer Nematodes 100 sqm

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There is a manufacuturing issue with BASF nematodes so these are not available until June 2024. Our own brand are available in 100 sq.m packs here:

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There is a manufacuturing issue with BASF nematodes so these are not available until June 2024. Our own brand are available in 100 sq.m packs here:

Buy Gardening Naturally Chafer Nematodes


Chafer beetle larvae attack grass roots. Grass growth slows and yellow patches appear. Grass is easily pulled up, with little or no root growth.Chafer beetles emergefrom the lawn. They lay their eggs, which hatch into grubs feeding on the grass roots before burrowing deep into the ground. They then lie dormant deep in the soil before moving to the surface in the spring to emerge as beetles again.

Wildlife, such as foxes and badgers, can also create a lot of damage as they dig up your lawn in search of grubs for food. Rooks, magpies, crows and woodpeckers feeding on your lawn are a good sign of a chafer grub infestation.

If the chafer's life cycle is not broken re-infestation occurs and the problem gets progressively worse.

Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer: - environmentally friendly and safe for children, pets and wildlife. No need to exclude children and pets from treated areas.

If you have just discovered Chafer Grubs in your lawn or had a severe infestation in the past, apply to moist lawns during April or May and in August to early October. This is when the young grub larvae are active.

Application in spring may aid control but August to October is the recommended time to apply. 


The nematodes come complete with instructions and can be applied using a watering can or nematode applicator. You just apply to moist soil when the soil temperature is above 10ºC (50ºF) and ensure the soil does not dry out for at least two weeks after applying nematodes. Nematodes are capable of surviving the odd frost; so don't worry if the temperature falls after you have applied the nematodes.

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Please note Nematodes are live material and cannot be returned. They will usually have an expiry date of around 2 weeks. The effectiveness can sometimes vary due to external factors.

How do Chafer Nematodes Work?

When the nematodes are introduced, they actively search for white grubs that are present in the root zone. The nematodes penetrate these larvae through natural body openings or directly through the body wall. The nematodes multiply in the grub and when this decomposes, the new generation of useful nematodes, looking for new victims, disperse.   

Best Time to Apply Nematodes for Chafer Grub

August/September, when the grubs are still near to the soil surface. Soil temperature must be at least 12°C for 14 days for maximum nematode activity. Apply in the evening, or in dull, cloudy weather to avoid exposure to sunlight.

Storing Chafer Nematodes

The unopened pack may be stored in a fridge (5°C) for up to 3 weeks (see date on pack).  Do not freeze.  Once opened, the entire pack contents should be used immediately

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