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Springfield Poultry House and Run for up to 6 hens

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The Springfield chicken coop & run makes day to day hen rearing simple.

Features of the Springfield chicken coop and run

Measures Length: 223cm x Width: 90cm x Height: 155cm

Appropriate for up to 6 hens.

Well-built coop and run.

Raised coop for easy access.

Pophole is accessed from the exterior.

Double Nest box.

Large rear door.

Lift out perches.

Comes with standard 19g mesh.

Supplied in sections on a large pallet for easy home assembly.

Half a day should be allotted for construction and a cross head screwdriver, with a battery-operated one being the best option.

For larger runs please see our Woodlands Poultry House and Run for up to 12 hens or the Woodlands Poultry House and Run for up to 14 hens

Chicken coop FAQs

What should be inside of a chicken coop?

The must have items inside of a chicken coop include but are not limited to: Nesting boxes, roosts, insulation, and lighting.

Water and food should be kept outside of the coop, at the minimum be kept in the run. Spilled food can attract rodents and subsequently other animals that prey on them such as snakes.

The water will also most likely be spilled and cause mould inside the coop.

Feeding and watering your chickens outside of the coop will have bigger benefits in the long run.

In terms of bedding, for healthy and happy chickens the best choice is sand.


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