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Woodlands Poultry House and Run for up to 12 hens

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The Woodlands Poultry House with Run is a superb spacious home for your chickens and hens. The chicken coop and run can hold up 16 small hens, however, it is recommended to stick with a maximum of 12, in order to keep your chickens happy.

Chickens require space to enjoy their lives. The more space you can provide your chickens, the happier and healthier they will be. This in turn will produce greater quality egg yields. 

Coop & Run Features: 

Detachable side board for easy cleaning.

Ventilated ridge.

Large opening door.

Removable roosting perches.

Treble nest box.

Sturdy, well built design. 

Measurements of coop: Height: 130cm Width: 130cm Length: 130cm

Measurements of the run: Length: 240cm Width: 130cm Height: 130cm

Delivery and Construction 

Provided in segments on a large pallet for easy home construction. 

Keep half a day available for construction and have a cross head screwdriver on hand, ideally a battery-powered one.

Chicken & Hen Coop FAQs

Why are chicken coops raised off the ground?

Chicken coops are usually slightly lifted off the ground to increase the air circulation underneath the coop. This helps to keep the floor dry and has the added benefit of regulating the chicken coop’s air temperature. This can help chickens stay cool when it gets hot in the summer.  


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