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Woodlands Walk In Poultry House and Run for up to 14 hens

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Featuring the same classic design as the Woodlands Poultry House, this chicken coop features a walk-in run, which means you can spend quality time with your chickens and hens. 

The chicken run has a solid roof, providing shelter from the elements for your chickens & hens. 

Due to the height, the coop is lifted, providing excellent venitilation and cooling from the bottom of the coop. 

Features of Woodland Walk-in Poultry House:

Exterior Size:  Length: 290cm x Width: 130cm x Height: 180cm approx. 

Coop is, Length: 130cm x Width: 130cm x Height: 130cm (Just over 4ft square).

Suitable for a maximum of 14 hens based on the minimum welfare standard. We recommend this many only if you have very small hens.

Sturdy structure.

Treble roosting box.

Large double doors at back for easy access.

Easy access full height run door.

Walk in Design.

House door and pop hole.

Heavy-duty fittings throughout.

Lift out Perches.

Supplied in sections on a large pallet for easy home assembly.

Construction will require a half day's time and a cross head screwdriver, with a battery-operated one being preferred.

Chicken & Hen FAQs

How many hens can I keep per coop?

Keeping your hens and chickens happy and healthy should be your primary objective. Healthy hens produce better quality eggs, more frequently. Overcrowing your chickens prevents this but also may lead to fighting hens, as they jostle for space and also increases the likelihood of disease and infections. They also get too hot and, from overcrowding, leading to condensation in the coop and enivitably respiratory problems. 

However, it is just as important not to have a coop that is too spacious. Chickens like to gather when roosting to share body heat and not having enough of them around to do this can lead to them being too cold. 

So, how to work out how many hens per coop? 

The minimum floor space required per chicken is 1/3 of a meter in the coop when roosting and one square meter per chicken when in the run. 


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