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Nematode Easy Applicator & Garden Feeder

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The ideal way to quickly and easily apply your nematodes to all areas of your garden whatever the pest.

For use with the full range of Nemasys and Gardening Naturally Nematodes.

Quick and easy to use on lawns, bushes, leaves, and soil. And now, it's not just for nematodes – perfect for normal feeds too.

Attaches to your garden hose.

1L Capacity

Fully Reusable – ideal for watering, applying fertiliser, weed killer or even car shampoo!

Head is 100% Recyclable

Created to take the complicated, sometimes expensive (first time), mixing and application of nematodes to all surfaces. Reducing the time taken whilst ensuring an even and effective spread of nematodes.

Full nematode application instructions are provided for use with all nematode types.

To use the Nematode Applicator, follow these steps:

Step 1: Mix your nematodes according to the instructions provided with your pack.  Add upto 1 litre at a time into the applicator pouch (depending on pest type).

Step 2: Re-attach the nozzle and tightly secure it to the pouch, squeeze the pouch to ensure the mix is evenly distributed through the bag.

Step 3: Attach a hose to the end of the nozzle to the hose lock and then turn on the tap.

Step 4: Adjust the circular dial on the nozzle to adjust the pressure/range of the spray

Step 5: Spray until the pouch is empty, refill and repeat application until all the mixture is used. This will also clean out the pouch.

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