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Large Lacewing Larvae 500 (50sqm) - Chrysoperla carnea

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The lacewing larvae (Chrysoperla carnea) eat thrips, red spider mite, small caterpillar eggs and mealy bugs. The larvae can be introduced in fruit and vegetable crops or ornamentals. The larvae are approximately 0.8 mm and eat up to 50 aphids per day.

If ants are present it will reduce the efficiency of the ladybird larvae, use Insect Barrier Glue to stop ants crawling up plants and trees.

As the larvae cannot fly, they need to be able to reach their prey; the larvae should therefore be placed near the aphids. The larvae are able to move 4-5 km before they become adults. The adult lacewing lays approximately 20 eggs per day. From egg to adult takes about 30 days.

Ants protect aphids, and fight with the lacewings. For maximum efficiency, ensure no ants are present, insect barrier glue or glue bands may be used to solve this problem

Tube of 500 larvae. Approx 10 larvae per 1 sq.m.

One pack treats up to 50 sq.m

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Chrysoline is supplied as larvae in a carrier material. On receipt, place the containers in a cool shaded area until ready to use.
Do not expose to direct sunlight.
When ready to apply, open the container in the greenhouse.
Release larvae directly onto identified aphid colonies.
Make sure that any carrier material remains on the plant initially.
If it falls to the floor immediately, many of the larvae will be lost.


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