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Clear Fruit Tree Glue Grease Bands

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These clear glue bands for trees have a non-toxic, non-drying glue surface which forms a barrier to stop infestations of winter moths, ants and other crawling insects including adult vine weevil.Ideal for use on fruit and other deciduous trees.

The Glue Bands should be placed on trunks and tree stakes about 45-60cm (18-24in) above soil level after removing any loose moss or bark.
Cut a piece of band about 3cm longer than the circumference of the tree.

Peel the backing paper off and wrap the band around the tree.
The glue on the extra 3cm will hold the band in place while a piece of string is tied around the middle.

Use from October until April to protect against winter moths. For protection from ants and other crawling insects use from May until August.

Remove after 6 months.

Size: Each pack contains 2 pieces which are 1m long

The Glue Band should be used in winter to protect against winter moths and between May and August to prevent ant infestations.

Size: Each pack contains 2 pieces which are 1m long


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