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Ant Killer Granules

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A ready to use ant bait granulate for rapid and effect ant control on paths, gardens, terraces and patios.

These granules are attractive to ants; they contain an active ingredient, pyrethrum, which is harmful to inseccts and will kill the entire ant nest when diluted in water. 

The granules can be poured straight from the pack to the area or dissolved in water. Soil drenching is the most effective method of application to control ants and kill the nest. This way, the active ingredient penetrates deep within the nest and therefore also reaches the insects which do not have access to the surface.

Please note Ant Killer Granules do not affect mammals, but will harm amphibians so it is not advisable to use near ponds.

Directions for use:

Scattering: 10-20 g (2 to 4 level teaspoons ) per square metre  on ants nests and ant trails.

Drenching: 10 g ( 2 level tea spoons) dissolved in 0.5 L water per nest. Pour the solution on ant nest and trails, and also into gaps between tiles on patios, paths and other outdoor areas. This is most effective in the morning or evening when most of the ants are in the nest.

Size : 500g powder can

Active ingredient content 1.74 % w/w pyrethrins (chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract)


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