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Automatic Watering Kit Reservoir & Pots Easy2Grow Kit

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Water and feed at the same time. No need for pumps, electricity or mains water supply.Ideal for tomatoes or chillies

This 47 litre tank gravity feeds the pots, liquid feed can be added to the tank. Ideal for tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Water is only absorbed by the plants as needed because of the internal flood and drain AQAvalve system that doesn't leave the pots sitting in water.

Once the tank is full, no further watering is required for up to 14 days. Evaporation is also minimised to save water.

The Easy 2 Grow can be extended to feed and water up to 6 pots

Colour: Black

1. Remove the yellow collar from the AQUA valve nozzle. Thread one end of the 6mm pipe through the yellow collar. Then push the 6mm pipe onto the AQUA valve nozzle, dipping the end of the pipe in warm water for a few seconds, will make it much easier. Once the pipe is connected re-screw the yellow collar onto the nozzle
2. Connect the AQUA valve to the 2 Pot tray by lowering the AQUA valve so that the half-moon at the bottom & back of the AQUA valve locates the T section in the 2 Pot tray. Push firmly to ensure the AQUA valve is secured when lifting the AQUA valve is secured when lifting the AQAU valve the 2 pot tray should lift too
3. Then take the other end of the 6mm pipe and push it into the 6mm top hat grommet fitted to the bottom of the 47L tank. A little smear of washing up liquid onto the pipe will help slide through if required. Push the pipe into the grommet so that there is approx. 2 in (50mm) visible inside the tank.
4. Take the filter, making sure the plastic sponge is inside the case and push the filter into the 6mm pipe inside the 47 litre tank.
5. Take the two gold & black root control squares and place them into each cavity in the 2Pot tray. Gold face up
6. Then take two black matrix squares and place them into each 8.5L pot
7. Next fill each pot with substrate/ soil 2-3cm below the height of the pot
8. Take your plants and place them in the pots. Water the plants through so that water is draining from the bottom of the pots. Allow to drain for up to 15 minutes.
9. Before you place your pots in the 2 Pot tray make sure you remove any substrate/soil from the bottom and side of the pots. Using a small hand brush will make this job easy. Once you are happy they are clean place them in the tray
10. Place the lid in between the green pots. So the lid can be easily removed place it between the pots so that the 4 studs are facing upwards. For the first few weeks after the tank is filled and the AQUQ valve is working you can leave the green lid off so that you are happy the AQUA valve is flooding and draining correctly
11. Once you are happy the plants are established in the pots then fill the tank.
12. The tank will hold 47L if water, simply fill the tank and add easy2grow liquid feed following the directions on the bottle.
13. Place the green lid on the tank. Ensure that the tank is raised off the floor using a few bricks or similar as shown in the image. Re-fill the tank with water and the required amount of easy2grow liquid feed. When there is a third left, do not allow it to get too low.

Easy2 Grow Kit Includes:
47 litre Tank inc 6mm Top Hat grommet
2 Pot tray and lid
2x 8.5 litre pots
1x AQUA valve
2x Root Control Squares (Black and gold)
2x Matrix Squares (Black)
1.5m of 6mm pipe

Extension kit includes:
2 Pot tray and lid
2x 8.5 litre pots
1x AQUA valve
2x Root Control Squares (Black and gold)
2x Matrix Squares (Black)
1.5m of 6mm pipe
1x 6mm T
Product Size: 47L Tank : H 61cm x W 38cm x D 28cm/ Pots : H 20cm x W 25cm x D 25cm/ Tray : H 8cm x W 58cm x D 27cm

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