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Tomato Growpots for Easy Feeding & Watering

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Growpots are proven to give excellent results through accurate feeding and watering especially for tomatoes whilst forming an effective slug barrier around the plant. The outer trough holds four pints of water or feed which then gradually seeps into the compost taking a constant supply directly to the plant root where it is needed most.

The plant is planted in the inner pot which is a ring culture pot, which is then filled up with extra compost to encourage more vigorous and healthy root growth and subsequent higher yields.

Made from strong plastic, it will last for many seasons. Using the watering spikes to cut into the growbag, three can sit neatly into a bag of compost and are excellent for many crops, in particular, tomatoes, aubergines and chillies.

The pots can be used in growbags or directly into the soil.

The inner chamber has an opening diameter of 14.3cm.

The bottom of the inner chamber which you cut off the growbag is a diameter of 17cm.

Product overall size is a diameter of 28cm and a height of 17.7cm.

Available in green and black. 

Made from 100% recycled material.


Grow Bag: Only use a good quality grow bag. Loosen any compacted compost by shaking the bag. Lay bag flat and evenly distribute the compost.

Fitting the Grow Pots: Using a sharp knife, cut out and remove the plastic circles from the inside of the inner pots then apply downwards pressure and pierce the grow bag with the watering spikes.

Planting: Fill inner pot with similar compost as in bag, fill to level as shown. Hollow out the compost and place the plant within hollow. At this stage you could tuck support strings under the rootball or put canes in beside the plants. Water plant in the inner pot (Approx. 1 pint). Fill in the outer trough with water to the top (4 pints), leave to slowly saturate.


-1. Ensure there are drain holes in the top half of the bag.
-2. For the first 2 weeks do not water outer trough, this will ensure a strong and healthy root system.
-3. For the next 3-4 weeks pour 2 pints in each outer trough every 2-3 days (preferably in the morning). But DO NOT let the inner pots compost dry out by watering once a week.
-4. Excess water will drain out from the drain holes in the bag, if this happens, do not water for a day.
-5. After 5-6 weeks your plants will send out secondary (water) roots and it will be necessary to increase the amount of water given to the outer trough. Once again, if excess water seeps out of the drain holes, miss watering for a day.

Tips: Normally with mature plants , on hot sunny days you should be filling up each outer trough every day. A simple check is to squeeze the grow bag at the drain hole end. If no water appears, fill up each outer trough.

Feeding: Any suitable liquid feed for the crop grown can be used, follow the manufacturers instructions supplied. Apply to the inner pot approx. 2 pints, normally sufficient for 1 week. If any surface roots appear in the inner pot, cover lightly with compost.

End of season: Remove plants and compost, wash and dry your grow pots and store for next seasons use.

Size of one pot: H 18cm x D 24cm

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