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Potting Tray

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This tough compact one-piece black potting tray with an integral shelf storage for things you may need whilst potting up your plants like plant labels, marker pens and seed packets.

Soil and water are confined within the tray whilst the low front allows easy access to the work space.

The compact tidy tray also has many other uses around the home. A great hobby tray for jewellery making, model making and painting as it will help prevent you losing any contents inside the tray.

Waterproof and durable, made from recycled polypropylene


5 reasons to buy a potting tray:


Allows you to easily transport your plants from one location to another without spilling soil or water.

Contains messes when you are repotting or planting seeds.

Protects your surfaces from soil, spills and water.

Prevents over-watering, as excess water will drain into the tray rather than remaining in the pot.

Helps to create a more attractive and organised display for your plants.


Overall, a potting tray is a handy tool to have in any gardener's toolkit.

Size: Length: 49cm (19in) Width: 50cm (19.5in) Height: 15cm (6in) 

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