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Horticultural Garden Fleece Plant Protection Warmacrop

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This heavy-duty 30g horticultural garden fleece will protect your plants from frost and cold. The garden fleece provides superior frost protection, shielding plants and shrubs down to -5ºC. While effective against frost, it's important to consider the additional impact of wind chill. Ideal for tender plants, shrubs, and early potatoes, this horticultural fleece is crafted from UV-stabilised spun-bonded polypropylene for durability.

The fleece will also provide effective and economical greenhouse insulation, providing warmth without condensation. We have worked out some greenhouse insulation fleece kits.

We also sell a large range of fleece pegs and clips.

Water, light and air can all pass through the material.

Warmacrop™ fleece is made from spun bonded polypropylene.

Horticultural garden fleece plant bags or buy ready-made garden fleece bags.

What is the difference between garden fleece and horticultural fleece?

Nothing these are the same product with different names.

What is garden fleece?

Garden or horticultural fleece is a lightweight white fabric which you can lay over or wrap around your plants to protect them when frost is forecast. They are also quite often called crop covers.

How to care for garden horticultural fleece

It can be washed in warm soapy water and once dry can be stored away from mice and vermin.

Are there alternatives to garden fleece?

Thermacrop is an alternative to garden fleece, it works the same way but has a life expectancy of 5 years

Why do I need garden fleece?

Garden fleece covers to stop the frost from getting to your crops. If you are in a very cold part of the country or a very severe frost is expected, put on a double-layer.

How to use Horticultural Garden Fleece

Individual Shrub Protection

Wrap the horticultural fleece around the shrub and secure it with string at the base of the plant. 

Greenhouse Insulation

In winter, 30g fleece may be fixed inside the glass to give a ‘double glazing’ effect.  It is easy to secure, simple to remove and reusable. In aluminium greenhouses, it may be fixed to glazing bars using clips or double-sided sticky pads.  In wooden greenhouses, it may be fixed to the glazing bars using drawing pins or double-sided sticky pads.  

Protecting Bedding Plants

30g fleece may be used for overnight protection of bedding and other plants which are being ‘hardened off’. 

Crop Protection

Certain vegetable crops may be damaged by winter frosts, in particular cauliflower.  Cover crops with 30g fleece during periods of cold weather. It should, however, be removed during spells of mild wet weather.

Protecting Early Potatoes

Early potatoes should be covered from planting, and the cover kept in place until there is no longer any risk of frost. 

Re-use of 30g horticultural garden fleece

If used with care, the material may be re-used several times.  It may be easily cut with sharp scissors. When not in use, store out of direct sunlight and in a vermin-proof environment.

What is garden fleece made from?

30g horticultural garden fleece is a synthetic material, made from polypropylene.

Re-use: If used with care, the material may be re-used several times.

It may be easily cut with sharp scissors.

When not in use, store out of direct sunlight.

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