Growing Microgreens with Gardening Naturally

Growing Microgreens with Gardening Naturally

What Are Microgreens?

Microgreens are just vegetable plants in their early stage of growth.

When It is hard to get out into the garden in the wintertime you could bring a mini veg patch to your kitchen window. Line your windowsills with microgreens using trays or pots and you will get an almost instant indoor allotment full of colour which will bring a touch of light to dark winter days.

Can I buy Microgreen Kits in UK?

There are a few microgreen kits and seeds on the market in the UK

Which Plants Can I Grow as Microgreens?

A few examples of crops which can be grown as microgreens are rocket, basil, coriander, broad bean and peas. The leaves of some root crops like radish, beetroot and carrot are very tasty and tender when small.

What Can I Grow Microgreens in?

All you need are tubs or pots or you can purchase a microgreen grower. Put a layer of compost about 5cm (2inches) thick on the base of the pot or tray and dampen thoroughly ensuring it is moist not wet.

How do I Grow Microgreens?

Scatter microgreens seeds generously onto the compost, cover the seeds with more compost and leave in a sunny windowsill to sprout. Once seedlings are about 7-8 cm tall, this can take just a few days or up to 2 weeks, snip and enjoy you should get a second and sometimes even a third cut before having to discard.

How do I Make My Microgreens Grow Faster?

If you want to speed up germination you could cover the pot or trays with a Perspex lid and remove once germination has started.

Do I Grow Different Microgreens Different Ways?

All microgreens are grown the same way and can be grown all year round indoors. Ensure a constant flow of microgreens by sowing successionally every week so that new leaves should be ready to harvest just as the last batch is ending.

Microgreens have the flavour of the fully grown plants, they bring a concentrated, flavoursome burst of taste to your favourite dishes.

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