Vine Weevil Organic Pest Control for UK Gardens with Nematode Treatment

Vine Weevil Organic Pest Control for UK Gardens with Nematode Treatment

Organic Pest Control for Vine Weevils - Biological Warfare

Vine weevils are a garden pest and destroy plants in containers by eating the leaves and their grubs eat plant roots. Organic pest control is a way of avoiding chemical treatments in the form of Nematodes.

Vine weevils cause pestilence and damage to foliage from top to bottom, and our friendly microscopic nematode worms eat garden vine weevils with unrivaled gusto without harming other wildlife, humans or pets. Looking for free, expert organic gardening advice? Call our fully trained staff on 01285 760505 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or send us an online message.

Nematodes - Organic Natural Living Pest Control for Gardens

Organic pest control methods are for gardeners who want to abandon all harsh chemicals but keep their allotment, garden or vegetable patch thriving - including fruits and flowers and heritage plants alike. Vine Weevil Nematodes are tiny 2mm-long worms which aren’t visible to the naked eye, yet they burrow their way into garden pests and destroy them humanely without the need of environmentally damaging pesticides. UK delivery of all nematodes is FREE and we aim to despatch all orders the same day when paid for by 1pm - buy from a wide variery of organic pest control products on our online shop.

Vine Weevil Organic Pest Control - Eco Friendly

These vine weevil destroying little creatures really are the way forwards for an ecologically-friendly way of growing and nurtering plants in containers to their fullest, also they love rhododendron bushes. Feeding at night their appetite targets a wide variety of plants including euonymus, hydrangea and bergenia. Rock garden succulents, cyclamen, begonia, heuchera and many other small plants are similarly open to attack with zero defences.

Vine weevil nematodes come in packets of 10 million, applied with a watering can or hand sprayer and which will cover the size of an average back yarden, allotment or home garden. They must be kept damp and out of direct sunlight, when they get delivered via Royal Mail from Gardening-Naturally you can store them in the fridge for a couple of days before moistening them ready for deployment.

Temperature Control - Consistent Humidity and Warmth

We strongly recommend you to buy a garden thermometer to monitor outside temperatures which should not rise above 25° Celsius. We know it's not often a common occurrence here in England but nonetheless there are parts of Great Britain that do get hotter than others, normally the southern regions of the United Kingdom.

The director of Gardening Naturally, Julie Brandreth,states: “During the COVID-19 lockdown, our online business is booming. It's a real pleasure to see so many people taking up gardening for the first time and try their hand at growing flowers, fruit and outdoor plants. There's also been a surge from experienced growing masters whom have a little more time to try out something new outdoors."
“Nematodes really are an amazing biological weapon for the organic grower and they are an incredibly simple way to eradicate vine weevils whose main aim in life is to destroy your crops and potted plants. Delivered by us straight through your letterbox nematodes are super easy to use and activate with a little water spray and temperature monitoring.”

Pet and Wildlife Safe, Kids Cats and Dogs Unaffected

Unlike severe chemical sprays that may drift off target in a breeze, our friendly little worms burrow underground ensuring that other wildlife is not affected, therefore helping to get rid of grubs and slugs without harming anyone or anything else in their process. Read our blog post on how Nemotodes also tackle Leather Jackets and Chafer Grubs.

Gardening Naturally sell to all different types of  domestic customers as well as commercial big time growers and what we've also noticed is that more and more people are looking to use organic pesticide-free environmentally-friendly ways to create their perfect outdoor space.

Using nemotodes as biological control whilst ditching harmful and toxic chemicals in favour of these amazing little worms is proving to be a highly popular best selling organic treatment of garden pests.