1. All About Nematodes - Your Questions Answered

    All About Nematodes - Your Questions Answered Gardening Naturally answer their most frequently asked questions about nematodes, including what they are, how they work and how to use them in your garden or allotment. What are Nematodes? Nematodes are an organic, natural way of controlling many types of pests, helping you to manage infestations without the use of harmful and unnatural Read more...
  2. What Are Slug Nematodes?

    What Are Slug Nematodes? Slug nematodes are microscopic, transparent worms, which feed and multiply inside the slug, once the nematodes are inside the slug it stops feeding after a few days and then dies within a week. They are totally safe to children, pets and wildlife. The nematodes are easy to apply and completely safe to use around children, pets and wildlife, making Read more...

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