Do I Need A Garden Sieve?

Do I Need A Garden Sieve?

Why use a garden sieve?

Using a garden sieve will help you remove stones and weeds from your soil making your soil much finer. Fine soil is brilliant when planting seeds, it saves the seeds from having to struggle against large clumps and stones in the soil. Having fine soil will help you plants grow straight and strong, for example if a carrot hits a stone it can become damaged and split into two. It is not totally necessary but it does make life easy and improves your chances of success with the growth of your plants.

When do I sieve compost?

When potting seeds and seedlings it is always best to use a fine compost, if you have multi purpose and do not want the expense of buying seed compost sieving could be your answer.

Which type of sieve should I get?

There are several types of sieves on the market. What to buy very much depends on what you want to use it for, the type of soil you have and how much space you have. Check out our range of garden sieves to give you some ideas.

Choosing hole size for your sieve

The smaller the hole the finer the soil so if your main use is going to be for planting seeds you will require a smaller hole. To get rid of stones on your plot or garden larger holes would be more suitable. You can buy a garden sieve with changeable bases giving you the best of both worlds.

Designs and size

This is down to personal choice. If you are not sure, purchase a larger one and just sieve smaller amounts.

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