Fleece Bags for Plants


Fleece plant protection jackets come in different sizes and colours. They are made of heavy-duty fleece. Our frost protection fleece jackets are ideal for protecting your plants from freezing temperatures. garden fleece bags

They can be used on hanging baskets, pot plants and border plants too.Fleece bags will shelter your plants from the harsh weather, whilst still allowing air, water and light to reach the plant.

Not all horticultural fleeces are the same, they come in different weights and the higher the number the warmer and thicker the fleece is as the thickness is measured in grams per square metre.

Therefore the thicker the fleece, the more protection it will offer against lower temperatures. The thicker fleeces are also more durable and will last many years.

You should first measure the size of the plant before choosing which pot cover you need allowing a little bit extra making it easier to put the jacket on but also by leaving a gap between your plants and the frost protection, the air pocket provides an extra layer of insulation for your plants.

The fleece jackets should go right to the ground, covering the pot too. Most of the plant fleece jackets come with a draw string, making them easy to secure.

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