Cleaning the Greenhouse

Cleaning the Greenhouse

Cleaning Greenhouses

There are several reasons why you should add cleaning your greenhouse to your yearly task list. Creating the right conditions for your plants to grow, and one of those basic requirements is light. This job is quite often overlooked as when you are in your greenhouse you tend to spend your time looking at your seedlings and plants and not the greenhouse.

Since cleaning greenhouse interiors regularly can also minimise the spread of bugs and diseases, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to getting your greenhouse thoroughly clean.


How to clean the greenhouse interior

The best time to clean the greenhouse is in early Spring or Autumn when the greenhouse is fairly empty. To make it easier, remove any plants from the greenhouse, put in a sheltered spot slightly away from the greenhouse. 

Use a stiff brush to sweep out the greenhouse and a hand brush to sweep down tabletops and cobwebs and dirt from the actual greenhouse. Once the greenhouse is clear dilute some citrus cleaner into a bucket or several buckets and put in all tools and empty pots.

Using soapy hot water and a cloth, clean the greenhouse inside, whilst cleaning check that there are no damaged panes of glass. Next dilute some citrus cleaner with some cold water and wipe down the glass and shelving and worktops. If your prefer you can use a small hand sprayer to apply the citrus cleaner and then just wipe off with a damp cloth. Once everything is dry, bring your plants back in.


How to clean exterior greenhouse glass

Cleaning the outside of the greenhouse glass is much easier, with no plants to remove, if your greenhouse is quite high you can purchase extendable poles which is much safer than climbing ladders.

Gently clean away any moss or dirt that has built up on the outside of the greenhouse, then you can start washing. Use hot soapy water and a squeegee mop or a sponge.

Watch out for any broken panes of glass especially if you are using a cloth to clean your greenhouse. It is essential to keep your greenhouse windows clean, inside and outside, in order to maximise light levels for your plants. 


Natural Greenhouse Cleaner

This natural greenhouse cleaner is made from extracts of citrus. Ideal for all cleaning jobs in the  greenhouse, clean  tools, pots, birdbaths and other garden items with this safe odourless cleaner.

Citrus cleaner does not harm plant material so no need to remove the plants before using in the greenhouse.


How to use the Greenhouse Cleaner

This citrus cleaner is easy to use and this bottle makes 20 litres of solution making it fantastic value for money. Dilute at a rate of 25ml per litre of water.

Wash off as much surface dirt as possible before applying. Ensure all surfaces are fully wetted. Smaller items such as tools and pots should be completely immersed in a dilution solution for 10-15 minutes. 

Use once a week during warm weather and monthly during cold weather.

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