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Rollmix Composter, Make your own Compost

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This small rolling composter is easy to use, you simply add your household and garden waste and roll your way to quicker compost.The fabric layer allows the raw material to stay warm to assist the fermentation process but with air holes for circulation and ventilation.

You just roll the composter along the ground and everything gets nicely mixed for creating quicker compost. It is possible to make your own compost within 6 weeks.

 With your homemade compost you can top up raised beds, add to the base of plants and even use as a peat-free potting 


Ideal where space is limited

The rolling action adds oxygen and improves mixing

The fabric helps trap heat which speeds up the composting process

Holes stop your mix getting to wet and soggy

Keeps pests out and contains any odours.

Makes about 120 litres of compost.

Can make compost in a speedy 6 weeks.

Diameter 54cm (22") Length 68cm (26")

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