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Organic Compost Accelerator

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Accelerate the natural compost cycle to six weeks with this highly effective compost accelerator.

Seaweed Extract is widely known as one of the best soil enhancements. Its vast array of micronutrients and minerals are incredibly effective at stimulating natural bacteria, meanwhile seaweed's range of surfactants (wetting agents) help to retain moisture within soil.

As a result, gardeners who use Shropshire Seaweed in their composting have found it to vastly accelerate the natural production cycle, allowing them to turn out high quality organic compost in just six weeks.

Produced in the UK from sustainable harvested seaweed stock.

Approved by Organic Farmers and Growers.

Bottle Size - 1L


1 Litre of Shropshire Seaweed is enough to treat one cubic metre of compound, ie. a typical household compost bin. Apply all the product right away and keep the pile well hydrated for six weeks.


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