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Butterfly Netting to Stop Cabbage Whites

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Our standard protection butterfly netting is made from UV stabilised, high-density polyethylene and has a plastic feel. Its 7mm x 7mm mesh will keep the cabbage white butterflies from laying eggs and destroying your crops whilst keeping birds and other small pests at bay.

Light and flexible enough to be laid directly over crops, hoops or cages. If you are growing crops that need pollinating, remove this netting during flowering or use Bird Netting

Ideal for coverings ponds to stop falling debris and herons.

Weight 19g per m². Will last 8-10 years with care.

Lay directly over crops or use on frames, cages, cloches or hoops.

This is a very versatile netting and it can be used on any fruit or vegetable crop.

Should the crop need pollinating, just lift the netting during pollination to allow the bees in.


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Need help with your netting size?

Put the height of the cage, tunnel or vegetable plot (crop height for plots) then the width and the length, then just hit calculate.

Result (Width and Length) : 13m X 12m