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Outside Tap Cover Winter Protection

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This lightweight, outside tap cover will help protect your outside taps from freezing during winter months.

Your garden still needs watering in the winter and this is the perfect device to help you continue looking after your much loved outside space.

Easy to use, re-usable winter outside tap cover made from grey, insulating foam and black plastic.
Suitable protect from freezing, for most outside taps.
Tap can be used whilst cover is in place.

This protective cover for freezing temperatures is easy to remove and store for next winter.

An outside tap winter cover is ideal for those who continue to garden in the freezing temperatures and have a working winter garden.

Why are outside tap covers important?
When the freezing temperatures come, as it does in the Great British Winter, pipes can freeze and burst.
Outside tap covers can prevent winter freezing temperatures from reaching the tap and thus the pipes.

Added benefits of using an outside tap cover

Prevent Water Running Unnecessarily
This winter outside tap cover not only protects from freezing temperatures it can additionally act as a childproof tool. Stopping children from turning the water on. This can save you money if you have a mischievous child.

Draughts in the home can not only be freezing cold but can lead to higher electricity bills. When searching for draughts in the home, the obvious places to check the doors and windows. Homeowners don’t think to check where the spigot is affixed to the home to check if there is a draught. Winter covers for the tap and spigot can assist with this and the freezing temperatures.

Stop Pests from Creating Nests
When it becomes freezing outside in winter, many small animals try to get into areas where they can get warm. One of those areas is in the spigot. This can create obstruction in the hose and pipes and cause potential damage that you can’t see. To stop animals from making nests in the freezing weather, you can use this winter outdoor tap cover.

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Materials: Foam/plastic
Colour: Grey/black
Weight: 0.04kg
Length: 16cm approx.
Width at widest part: 11cm

Reusable for next winter

Sized to fit most outside taps

How to fit
To stop freezing temperatures simply fit over the outside tap and cut if needed. Using the cable ties included fix in place at the back of the tap near the wall

Materials: Foam/plastic
Colour: Grey
Weight: 0.04kg
Length: 16cm approx.
Width at widest part: 11cm

Reusable for next winter

Sized to fit most outside taps

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