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Natural Strawberry Feed makes 200 litres

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This strawberry feed is made from potash and extracts of fruit. The feed is the perfect solution for increasing yields of strawberries. Feeds high in potash help plants utilise water more efficiently and can also make them less susceptible to pest and disease damage promoting strong and healthy growth.

NPK: 1-3-1

1 litre makes 200 litres of diluted feed


Outdoor Strawberries

If the strawberries are being grown outside apply 2 litres of diluted feed per plant every 14 days. Increase this to every 7 days once the plant has strawberries.

Undercover Strawberries

When applying to strawberries grown under cover apply 2 litres of diluted feed per plant for every 7 days.

Strawberries in Pots and Growbags

When the plants are in pots or growbags apply 1 litre of diluted feed every week to each bag/pot and gradually increase this to 4 litres per week once the plants have fruit. If these strawberry plants are under cover, increase the application to twice a week once the plants have fruit.

Shake the bottle before opening. Loosen the lid on the chamber side of the bottle. Gently squeeze the bottle until the chamber reaches 20ml.

Mix 20ml with 4 litres of water

Store in cool, well ventilated area. Keep container tightly closed, keep away from direct sunlight, keep at temperatures between 15°C and 40°C.


W = 1.17kg

L = 25cm

W = 14cm

Depth = 5cm


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