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Square Raised Bed

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This silver galvanised steel raised square bed is perfect for cultivating your own vegetables and herbs in your garden or outside space. You can also use with cane supports in this raised bed to grow your beans, vine tomatoes and other climbing vegetables and plants, a greater yield means that you can enjoy more of the fruits of your labour.

An ideal choice to decorate your garden or patio, with a deep square design, boasting lots of room for roots to stretch.
This square raised bed is easy to weed with minimal maintenance required.
If correctly used, this square raised bed can generate a longer growing season due to raised soil temperature.

This square raised bed can also offer you improved plant growth conditions owing to improved drainage. You could benefit with a larger crop.

Advantages to using this square garden raised bed for your plants:
Convenient way to boost garden and plant drainage
Improve soil temperature (particularly in spring)
Suitable for garden plants that need different varieties of soil
Helpful for people with limited mobility, as decreases need to bend/stoop
An elegant, contemporary and eye-catching garden structure

What can you grow in a square raised plant bed?
Garden herbs
Soft fruits including strawberries, raspberries and blackberries
Lime-hating plants, fill the square raised bed with acidic soil and watch heathers and rhododendrons thrive in their ideal garden environment
Alpine plants such as primula, creeping thyme and dianthus (due to need for good drainage)
Climbing plants (with supports) such as runner beans or sweet peas

Helpful hint:
Owing to the elevated structure, garden plants grown in this square raised bed have improved drainage so can experience drought more than normal. Consider a garden soaker hose, designed for raised plant beds to help monitor watering needs.

Length: 86cm
Width: 86cm
Height: 30cm
Weight: 4.4kg
Colour: Silver
Shape: Square
Materials: Corrugated galvanised steel
Square frame has open base.

This square garden raised bed is simple to construct, with a sturdy structure and a streamlined contemporary look. An easy solution to growing your own garden plants, suitable for those new to gardening and confident growers.

It is recommended to install your square raised bed in a garden site that gets a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight everyday.

This item requires self-assembly.

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