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Hessian Sacking Fabric 270gsm

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Potato Sacking

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What is Hessian Fabric?

Hessian fabric, also known as burlap, is a coarse, woven fabric that is made from the skin of jute plants. It is a very durable and heavy-duty material that is commonly used in gardening and agriculture for a variety of purposes.

What Can Hessian Faric Be Used for in the Garden?

One of the primary uses of hessian fabric in gardening is to protect plants and crops from frost. When draped over plants, the thick, coarse material helps to insulate them and prevent freezing. This can be especially important for tender plants or those that are susceptible to cold damage.

In addition to frost protection, hessian fabric also has other uses in the garden. It can be used to line raised garden beds, as a weed barrier, or even as a decorative element in landscaping. The rough texture of the fabric also makes it a good choice for erosion control, as it can help to stabilize soil and prevent it from washing away.

Weight 270gsm.

Available in two widths: 1m and 1.37m

This fabric is 100% naturally biodegradable.

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