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Biodegradable Weed Control Roll 1m x 25m

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The Bio-Mat Biodegradable Mulch Mat is a 1-metre-wide by 25-metre-long weed control fabric that is designed to suppress weeds around the bases of trees and shrubs. It is a practical, easy-to-use product that is made of a blend of recycled jute fibres with a perforated oxo-biodegradable film backing. The thickness of the mat (450 gms/m²) makes it an ideal product for retaining soil moisture and providing excellent soil warming properties.

One of the key benefits of the Bio-Mat Biodegradable Mulch Mat is that it is biodegradable. This means that it will break down naturally over time, eliminating the need for removal and disposal. This is particularly important in garden and landscaping settings where sustainability is a priority, as it reduces the environmental impact of the product.

Using weed control fabric like the Bio-Mat is an important practice in landscaping and gardening. Weeds can have a negative impact on plant growth by competing for resources like water and nutrients and can also harbour pests and diseases. By using a weed control fabric like the Bio-Mat, gardeners can effectively suppress weed growth while still allowing air and water to circulate through the soil. 

Size: 1m x 25m

The degradation process starts with the heat of the extrusion process and continues in two
steps. In step one, chemical degradation happens either by ultraviolet light, heat, oxygen or
film stress, where over time the molecular structure of the product is reduced significantly.
The film will become fragmented. This process is irreversible and continues to a point where
the film becomes water wettable. This is step two, called biodegradation, where the micro -
organisms attach themselves and consume the remnants.

100% of the product degrades after degradation process is completed. The result of the
degradation is carbon dioxide, water and biomass.
Significantly, the KR-OXO film does not need a biologically active environment to start
degrading – this will happen even if the plastic is left in the open air! This is very important if
we are to address the serious litter problems caused by waste plastic. The factors that
accelerate degradation: ultraviolet light, heat, oxygen, and film stress (such as pulling and
tearing). Once the process is initiated it is irreversible and will continue in a landfill or under


Oxo degradable product degrades over time and is speeded up by light, heat or stress and
slowed down by cold. It cannot be stopped. Bio degradables will only degrade once buried
and microbes are present. Photo degradables will only degrade with UV light. The product
will degrade even if unfortunately dropped as litter. With this property, oxo degradable
products are especially suitable for the plastic packages that end up in landfill or as litter.

As little as sixty days or as long as five to six years. The degradation time can be adjusted.
With our standard formulation it should give minimum six months to around eighteen months
full useful product life.

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