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Cold Frame

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A garden cold frame is the ideal structure for anyone that wants to cultivate seedlings and protect them from the cold and frost. Cold frames can be used to start a variety of plants, vegetables, and flowers, and is perfect for giving them a controlled environment to grow and flourish in. A cold frame will take the guess work out of growing as you can control the temperature and easily protect your crops. 

These cold frames are designed with reinforced safety glass, an aluminium structure and made to be placed directly on the soil or on a raised garden bed. 

Please note: The Growhouses do not come with shelves, louvre or watering as standard. These are available as seperate purchases on this listing.

The 4ft x 4ft Cold Frame can fit up to 2 sets of shelves. The 6ft x 4ft and 8ft x 4ft Cold Frame can both fit up to 4 sets of shelves.

Available in three different sizes 4ft length x 4ft width, 6ft length x 4ft width, and 8ft length x 4ft width. Each size has a height of 2.8ft.

Weather-proof Design

Because of the glazed safety glass the cold frames are very wind resistant and have considerable weight. The sliding panels ensure that there are no hinged lids that will be affected by the wind. The cold frames can handle snow fall but it is recommended that snow is cleared off once it reaches 2ft depth. 

Amazing Ventilation

The sliding panels also advantage the cold frames by providing an excellent source of ventilation. On mild days the doors can be left open a few inches, allowing good air flow. This will prevent problems often associated with greenhouses or cold frames including disease and mould. During the summer, the side and roof panels of the cold frame can be opened wide, giving a huge amount of ventilation. This means that even during the summertime, the temperature of the cold frames can be controlled. 

Portable Frame

Despite the glass being very heavy, once this has been removed the aluminium frame can be easily moved. This will allow you to easily access the earth and plants. 

Automatic Watering

The mist watering it is designed for all 4ft Cold Frames and offers an automatic watering solution that is gentle and effective. Unlike traditional watering methods, this kit waters the entire frame from above using commercial quality misting nozzles that are so gentle even small seedlings won’t be damaged.

Automatic watering is a convenient and time-saving solution, ensuring your plants receive the right amount of water they need, without the risk of over or under-watering. With this kit, you can simply connect the hose into the end of the frame, and the pipework, which is fitted into the apex, will be fed via a standard hose connector.

Louvre Vent

An automatic louvre vent is an essential addition to your gardening setup, designed to provide excellent ventilation and temperature regulation for your plants. This vent replaces an entire 2′ x 2′ (610mm x 610mm) end sheet of glass, giving a large ventilating area that allows for optimal airflow.

In a cold frame, maintaining a suitable temperature is crucial to ensure healthy plant growth, and this is where our automatic louvre vent comes in handy. It opens and closes automatically as the temperature rises and falls, providing a consistent and controlled environment for your plants to thrive in.

With the ability to fit up to two units per cold frame, this product offers flexibility and versatility, allowing you to adjust the ventilation according to your plants' needs.

Cold Frame FAQs

A cold frame is a translucent covered enclosure, built low to the ground. Cold frames are used to protect flowers and crops from inclement weather, especially if it is excessively cold or wet. The transparent nature of a cold frame allows direct sunlight into the structure and prevents heat from escaping. Cold frames are similar to greenhouses but are usually smaller and more portable. Cold frames are a good middle ground between a permanent greenhouse structure and a non-permanent structure such as a grow house. 

What can I grow in a Cold Frame?

Cold frames are perfect for growing salad vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and chard. They can also provide a home to many other vegetables, and are good for growing carrots, turnips, parsnips, and radishes.

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