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Aluminium 19mm Hoop Clips

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19mm plastic clips for our standard fruit cages and all our aluminium hoops. They are an essential gardening accessory that can help secure netting to cages to protect fruit trees and bushes from pests and wildlife.

These clips are designed to hold netting or mesh securely in place over fruit cages, providing a physical barrier that keeps out unwanted animals while still allowing sunlight, water, and air to reach the plants.

Made from durable plastic, these clips are strong and long-lasting, able to withstand the elements and maintain their grip over time. They are easy to use, simply requiring the user to push the clip over the netting and tubes together to secure it onto the cage frame.

For use with aluminium hoops and standard walk-in cages plus the heavy duty 19mm low cages. Help make your tunnel or walk in cage look tidier with these handy clips.

Please note: All our aluminium hoops come with clips.

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