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Carrot Fly Fence Netting Clips

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15mm carrot fly fence pole clips are ideal for securing carrot fence netting onto our 16mm aluminium poles with ease.

These new improved clips are now also supplied with our carrot fence kits, they wrap around the pole and keep the netting secure. These clips fit snugly and securely keeping crops safe from carrot fly.

Available in packs of 24, 30 and 50.

What are carrot flies?

Carrot flies are small black flies that lay their egg in the roots of carrot plants and other similar vegetables. Their larvae can quickly eat and destroy a carrot yield.

The symptoms of a carrot fly infestation are discoloured or rotting foliage and rotting of the vegetable itself.

How does carrot fly fence netting help?

Carrot fly fence netting is 1 metre high, and as such is above the flying height of the carrot fly, which can only reach a maximum of 2 feet or 60 cm.

It also helps to block the scent of carrots which the carrot fly is attracted to.

The carrot fly netting clips help secure the carrot fly fence netting to aluminium poles. The new and improved design means, they are more secure and do not fly away in the wind.

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