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Carrot Fly Fence Netting Kit

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Carrot flies can rot out and destroy a carrot crop by laying their larvae in the roots. Get the best possible protection from carrot fly with the Gardening Naturally carrot fly fence netting kit.

The Carrot fly fence netting creates a barrier to prevent carrot flies from laying their eggs on your carrots, parsnips, and celery, as they cannot fly above 1-metre.

What are Carrot flies?

Carrot flies are a common pest of many gardens and farms. They mainly attack the roots of carrots, but they can also be found to affect parsnips, parsley, celery, and other root vegetables.

Symptoms of carrot fly infestation

Leaves of the carrot can become wilted and discoloured when affected by a carrot fly infestation.

How does carrot fly fence netting stop carrot flies?

Female carrot flies are generally very low flying and can’t fly above 2 feet or 60cms. So, at 1-metre the carrot fly fence netting kit has ample height to stop an infestation of carrot flies.

Additionally, carrot flies are attracted to the odour of carrots. Carrot fly fence netting blocks some of this odour, meaning it’s less likely the carrot fly will attack your crops.

Carrot fly fence netting kit contents:

Our kits contain the carrot fly fence netting (0.27mm x 0.88mm), 1.2m (4') high tubes and clips for the length you choose.

The poles need to be pushed into the soil around 20cm which will give you a 1m high fence. The carrot netting supplied is 1m in width/height.

The carrot fly fence netting kit contains a New and improved clip.

The new clip is a better fit, and specifically for the carrot fly fence netting. This means the clips are more secure in the wind and won’t fly away.

Please see the additional downloads tab for instructions on how to assemble carrot fly fence netting.

Our kits contain an extremely fine (0.27 x 0.88mm) mesh, 1.2m (4') high tubes and clips for the length you choose. The poles need to be pushed into the soil 20cm which will give you a 1m high fence.

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