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Zinc Planters Cube Silver Aluzinc

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Aluzinc cube patio planters in black, a complete new range of Aluzinc products; which is one of the newest “Wonder Materials” on the market.

Our cubed Aluzinc planter is a lightweight, more sustainable and longer-lasting alternative to the standard Galvanised steel planters that are available to buy on the market. With its innovative formula, the Aluzinc planter is designed to withstand even the harshest weathering conditions, which is why we offer a 10-year warranty with all these Planters to ensure that you get the longest lifespan possible. Our Cubed planters eliminate the need for new planters every few seasons, as traditional planters are made from wood or Galvanised steel, which will rust and rot much faster than Aluzinc.

For use in both indoor and outdoor environments, these cubed planters are lightweight and durable, as well as aesthetically pleasing with its striking semi-reflective surface, for a modern and classy look. Ideal for small to medium shrubbery, these planters are available in 3 different sizes, small (40cm), medium (50cm) and large (60cm) to suit every need and every space. Available in black Aluzinc.

Available to purchase in black or silver, this powder-coated finish has been hot-dipped to ensure that it is 6 times more corrosion resistant than galvanised steel; preventing scratches and damage which would usually occur in transit and with general use. Not only does the finish prevent damage, but it’s also lined with an anti-fingerprint coating that will avert the need to be polished up, keeping that beautifully sleek finish all year round.

The shiny aesthetic reflects heat and light, not only to prevent your plants from becoming too hot but to enhance your garden environment. Featuring a plug and drainage holes, the planter can be adjusted depending on the drainage system required for the contents.

For use all year round, in any weather conditions, this planter is an excellent choice, whether you are a green-fingered garden enthusiast or a new gardener wanting to improve your gardening skills.


Available in 40cm  50cm and 60cm cubes

40cm Cube:

Length: 40cm, Width: 40cm, Depth: 40cm

50cm Cube:

Length: 50cm, Width: 50cm, Depth: 50cm

60cm Cube:

Length: 60cm, Width: 60cm, Depth: 60cm

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