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The Junior Wormery

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Complete, compact wormery composter kit offers a simple solution to convert your everyday kitchen waste to nutritious, organic compost. Ideal for beginners, and even children.

Vermicomposting (process of composting using worms) is an excellent way to reduce waste going to landfill and produce nutrient-rich castings and liquid fertilizer for your garden and a much faster way to compost compared to traditional composting. 

With unique brass aeration vents, this wormery is ideal for inside or outside. Perfect for small flats, studios and balconies. A sturdy and durable design finished in a stylish silver colour.

Contents: 18 litre bin, lid, separator tray, 250g bag of tiger worms, coir wormery bedding, lime mix and instructions.

Dimensions: Diameter 35cm, Height 36cm, Weight: 5kg,

Capacity: 18 litres

What to feed your worms
Your worms will eat any dead and decaying kitchen waste such as peelings, bread, cooked and uncooked scraps, broken up egg shells, tea, coffee grounds and even paper kitchen towels.

Be aware, fruit and vegetable scraps have a high water content (around 85%), so no additional water should be added to your Wormery. 

Essentially, your Wormery is designed to deal with kitchen generated food waste, however the odd handful of leaves, grass or similar garden waste may been used from time to time.

You do not want to add too much onion, leek or citrus fruit peel into your Wormery either, as this can make the environment of your Wormery too acidic.

When these items are added you should add a small handful of the lime mix provided (or broken eggs shell if you do not have any lime mix left) to help
keep the pH levels neutral.

Lime Mix: This mix will ensure that the environment in the wormery is stable and non-acidic. Simply add a handful every month, or more if you use lots of acidic fruits. Typically this bag should last you about 6 months.

Worms: Tiger Worms are the best worms you can use in your wormery for worm composting. They're supplied in soil and in breathable pouches.

Coir Block: Approx 650 grams in weight. Coconut Coir is extracted from the husk on the outer shell of a coconut and has an excellent water holding capacity.


Diameter 35cm

Height 36cm

Weight: 5kg

Capacity 18 Litres

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