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Wool Pots (pack of 10)

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Wool pots are a fantastic alternative to traditional plastic plant pots perfect for anyone that is a keen gardener but also environmentally conscious. Each year millions of plastic plant pots end up in landfill, and its well documented how long this can take to breakdown (up to 450 years) and the damage this can cause to the environment. 

Wool pots avoid this, as they are a natural material that will start to biodegrade immediately upon being placed in the soil and will biodegrade completely after a couple of months. The wool pots are designed to break down in the soil once they have protected the plant, which provides the soil with biologically rich food. Wool pots are also a natural slug and snail deterrent as they are irritated by the feel of wool.

These wool pots are manufactured in the UK, using sustainable methods which minimises the packaging production and transport, meaning there is minimal wastage. The wool used for the wool pots is a natural by-product of sheep which are reared in a non-intensive farming and chemical free environment. 

The wool pots are also cleverly designed to act as a water condenser, which channels water towards the plant's roots, meaning they receive water more efficiently.

Wool Pot Details

Perfect alternative to a plant pot

Natural slug and snail deterrent

Strong and durable

Eventually decomposes into nutrient rich plant food

Pack of 10


The wool pots measure 18cm in length and 8cms in width. The diameter will vary as they stretch to accommodate soil. 

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