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Woodside Walk In Poultry House for up to 12 hens

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The Woodside Walk in Poultry House is the perfect chicken and hen coop for both beginner and seasoned poulterers. 

This raised chicken coop has plenty of space for a medium sized flock of hens anywhere from 4 to 12 small chickens. 

The Woodside features a small in-built run to give your chickens & hens the room to peck, scratch and forage. The more space you can provide hens the healthier and happier they'll be.  

The Woodside Walk in Poultry House features:

Four internal nest boxes.

Base insulation for protection and to contain litter.

Large double door at back of house.

UK based design and manufacture.

Dimensions Width: 1.8m x Length: 1.8m x Height: 2m.

Appropriate for approx. 4 to 12 hens.

Ladder to coop.

Walk in unit.

Supplied in sections on a large pallet for easy home assembly.

A half day's time is necessary for construction and a cross head screwdriver, ideally battery-powered, is also needed.

Poultry FAQs

Can chickens stay in a coop all day?

Chickens can stay indoors all day, but this is not recommended. Hens that have access to the outdoors, where they can forage, scratch and peck have shown to produce higher quality eggs than hens that stay inside their coop all the time. Your chickens will be healthier and happier if you provide them with a run and access to the outdoors.

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