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Woodlands Poultry House for up to 12 hens

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The Woodlands Poultry House for up to 12 hens is the ideal home for your chickens. Perfect for 8 to 12 hens, although based on minimum welfare standards you can house up to 16 chickens or hens. 

This poultry house is a great size for the garden and for free-range breeding hens.

Features of the chicken & hen coop include: 

A ventilated ridge.

Easy-access opening back door for cleaning. 

Portable perches. 

Treble nest box.

Pop hole.

Supplied in sections on a pallet, instructions will be provided on delivery. 

Construction needs a cross head screwdriver, preferably battery-operated, and will take approximately half a day.

Chicken coop roof

The 12mm chicken coop roof is a wooden cladding, designed to last many years. It features 12mm shiplap boards and makes the management of red mites very easy. 

The wood comes pressure treated, as a result the wood on the coop may be camp and can take time to dry out, especially in the winter. 

It is recommended that you treat the wood once or twice a year with a repellent containing water repellent in order to seal the wood. This will be important for maintaining the weather-proofing of the poultry house. 

Dimensions of coop:


Width: 130cm

Depth: 130cm 

Nest Box: 30cm 


What is a chicken coop?

If you're brand new to raising chickens then you may have a few questions about what chicken coop is. 

A coop or poultry house is simply, the place in which your chicken or hens, nest and sleep. The difference between a coop and a run is, the run is an area outside in which your chickens and hens can access grass.

Coops are usually made with wood, as the Woodlands Poultry House is. The size of the coop you need will depend on how many chickens you have


Dimensions of coop: 130cm x 130cm plus 30cm nest box

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