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Wooden Standard Compost Bin 700L

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Transform your garden and household waste into nutrient-rich compost effortlessly with our standard wooden slat composter. This traditional composting solution is designed for efficiency, producing high-quality compost while keeping your garden waste organized in a tidy manner.

The slatted design promotes optimal air circulation an important factor in the decomposition, accelerating the process, resulting in a faster more efficient compost process.

Crafted with traditional wooden construction using Chinese Fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata), this compost bin seamlessly blends into any garden, remaining unobtrusive. Treated with an environmentally friendly water-based wood preservative effective against mould, wood rot, algae growth and insect attack. 

Dimensions: (H) 70cm x (L) 100cm x (W) 100cm

Volume: 700L

Utilising the standard compost bin is a straightforward process – simply deposit all your garden and household waste into the top of the composter. This product is tailored for gardeners who understand the importance of enhancing soil health and wish to actively contribute to reducing waste.

Dimensions: (H) 70cm x (L) 100cm x (W) 100cm

Volume: 700L

Delivered in planks ready to slot together - Assembly is simple with instructions provided.

No tools required but small mallet could aid in assembley.




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