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Wireworm Nematodes 60sq.m

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Wireworm Nematodes are a solution designed to combat wireworms, the larvae of Agriotes spp or click beetle, covering up to 60 sqm. These nematodes offer protection against wireworm infestations, safeguarding your plants from the root-feeding damage caused by these pests.

What are Wireworms?

Wireworms, the larvae of the click beetle, are a significant threat to plant roots, causing wilting and potential death, particularly in younger plants. Female beetles lay eggs from late April to late July, typically beneath the surface of lawns or soil covered with plant foliage. These eggs hatch in about a month, so the nematodes should be applied from May onwards throughout the summer to target the newly hatched larvae. The larvae can persist in the soil for 3 – 5 years and burrow quite deeply.

How do I Identify Wireworms?

Wireworm larvae are long, thin, shiny, yellowish-brown creatures with dark heads, resembling mealworms and measuring approximately 10 to 15mm in length. Infestation indicators include feeding on seedlings, roots, and the base of stems, with primary damage occurring to potatoes through tunnelling.

What are the Signs of Wireworm Infestation?

Large populations of wireworms can cause affected plants to lack vigour and may lead to plant death. Root crops, such as potatoes and carrots, may exhibit tunnelling, indicating the presence of wireworms.

When and How to Apply Wireworm Nematodes

Application Timing: Apply nematodes when wireworms are present and the soil temperature is 10°C or above. For optimal results, apply the nematodes at least 5 days before planting susceptible crops, such as potatoes. This timing allows the nematodes to establish themselves in the soil and begin targeting wireworms. The best time to apply is from May through the summer to catch newly hatched larvae.

Application Tips: Water plants within 30 minutes of application to wash the nematodes off the leaves and back onto the soil.

Ideal Conditions/Soil Temp: Avoid exposing nematodes to freezing or high temperatures. The minimum soil temperature for application is 10°C, which aligns with the typical planting time for potatoes.

Storage Guidelines: Store nematodes promptly after delivery, keeping them in the fridge or below 5°C until the package expires.


Coverage: Up to 60 sqm

Target Pests: Wireworms (click beetle larvae)

Storage: Below 5°C

Minimum Soil Temperature for Application: 10°C

Use the entire pack.

1. Make a stock solution by emptying the whole packet into 6L of water and stir continuously. Use this solution within 4 hours.

2. Take 0.5L of the stock solution and pour it into a separate bucket, mixing with 4.5L of water while stirring continuously.

3. Transfer the 5L solution from the bucket into a watering can. Apply to the soil surface around the plant stems, with one watering can treating approximately 5m2.

4. Repeat until all the stock solution has been used, then water the treated area with the watering can or a hose pipe.

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